The agriculture sector provides food for the world’s steadily growing population. Therefore, an efficient, suitable production is key to successfully provide sufficient nutrition on a continuously high level of quality for everybody. TenCate‘s innovative materials are the key enablers to be ahead in this challenge. With TenCate‘s Agriculture applications a sustainable impact on productivity ensures high quality supply for basic necessities in a global environment.

Toptex is a non-woven fabric made of decay resistant, continuous filaments produced with 100% UV-stabilized propylene with over several decades of experience in agriculture. Toptex is the technology and market leader in agriculture for the covering of sugar beet, straw, composting, wood chip and potato harvests. We hold and increase our absolute leading position within the core markets and continuously grow geographically in strategically selected markets.

The Toptex fabric is a high grade membrane to protect straw, sugar beet and potato harvests from frost and rain, thereby reducing the amount of clinging clay on beets or potatoes and efficiently leading to less cleaning water needed in the process. On top of this, dried harvests offer a higher yield for the farmer and better quality for the consumer.

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