Manure storage liners for higher storage capacity

Livestock farming

During certain periods of the year manure can not be spread out on the fields and at that moment sufficient storage capacity is required. TenCate supplies for this market TenCate Nicolon liners (reinforced membranes) and tarpaulins (floating covers) that are used for manure basins and manure silos. TenCate does not deliver manure storage systems, but leaves those to agreed installation companies.

The TenCate Nicolon HSPO liner is made of a high strength polyolefin coating, reinforced by a polyester fabric. The TenCate Nicolon HSPO liner is a product to be used for many years to come. It is flexible, durable and strong. TenCate is a ISO 9001 certified company. The production of our products is done within these guidelines and the KIWA requirements for water and manure storage.

The characteristics of the TenCate Nicolon HSPO membrane are:

  • Made of Polyolefins with a polyester reinforcement
  • Reinforced membrane with good bi-axial strength
  • High UV-stability
  • Durable
  • Seals by hot air and welding iron
  • High chemical resistance against chemicals; acid, manure, oil resistant following KIWA BRL 546
  • No aging, no crispy
  • Hot air welding in the open field
  • Weldable till temperatures of 5°C
  • No softeners in the material
  • Environmental friendly before, during and after production

Besides manure storage liners, TenCate also offer different liners for water and other liquids storage in a thickness between 0.5 and 1.0 mm. Please contact us to learn more on that.

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