TenCate Permatron - #1 trampoline fabric


The difference TenCate Permatron trampoline fabric makes: 

  • Leads the market in the highest quality, performance, durability and value 
  • Offers extra comfort with its smooth surface 
  • Resists mould/water and provides excellent UV protection
  • Does not stretch, crease, or fold
  • Maintains high strength in the toughest conditions
  • Can be custom designed and available in a variety of sizes 

TenCate Permatron fabric is available in the different sizes. 

Standard sizes: 

  • 100 x 1.88 m (100 x 2.1 yd)
  • 100 x 2.55 m (100 x 2.8 yd)
  • 100 x 3.94 m (100 x 4.3 yd)

Convert these sizes easily to other units using this calculator.

Download the TenCate Permatron brochure now.

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