Accessories and sealing materials


TenCate provides a wide range of products for water storage basins and ponds. To offer a complete solution, we also provide the market with the necessary accessories. 

Slope protection

Also referred to as pocket fabric or tile fabric. It protects the liner amongst others against damages and it increases its lifetime as well.

Non-woven or geotextile

When used on bricky subsoil, a non-woven or a solid geotextile will protect the liner against damages.

Pipe facings

Pipe facings or pipe sleeves allow the installation of inlet- and discharge pipes in the basin. There are several facings for various pipe diameters and slope angles.

Sealing materials

For the installation of pipe facings, for welding in situ or for the repair of liners, TenCate supplies sealing glue and tape. Using these materials, it will be easy to make a durable seal which remains elastic.

TenCate supplies tailor-made if possible. Based on the dimensions of the basin or pond, the liner, the slope protection, the membrane or geotextile and the pipe facings can be supplied tailor-made. The groundwork and installation are not carried out by our company and need to be arranged with a local installer.

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