Nicolon climate screens


The flame-retardant vertical screens allow you to darken separate segments in your glass houses. They can also be used as façade screen. The screens are very flexible for ease of installation. The product is available in both a 2-sided white version as well as a version which is white on one and black on the other side. Both products comply with NTA 8825 (class 2) for flame retardancy and are available in a width upto 2.90 meter.

The vertical screens have a high wear resistance, which will guarantee a long lifetime expectation. During this lifespan, the product will remain the suppleness, required for easy rolling.

The vertical screens have a blackout ratio of more than 99.9%. Consequently, they guarantee full light exclusion. At the same time they provide control over the temperature and climate inside the greenhouse. When used as facade screens, there will be no light visible at the outside of the greenhouse, complying with legislation and satisfying neighbors.

The vertical screens are used by the professionals in the horticultural market. The long-life time, more than 99.9% black out and high flexibility makes the Nicolon vertical screens their first choice.

The product is available from stock and can be tailor made to the length required.

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