Nicosil silage systems for agriculture

Livestock farming

There is a growing demand for more efficient, effective and durable solutions in the Agro industry. For TenCate this is a constant motivation to develop – often in close cooperation with our customers – the best solutions.

Our ambition is to supply, stronger, lighter, safer and more durable products than traditional materials and systems. Creating solutions that will create long-lasting value to our customers.

TenCate has been active in the Agro industry for decades. TenCate Nicosil silage covers is only one of the succesfull examples. More than 30 years our silage protection nets have been saving your precious cattle feed. Click here for the Nicosil Classic silage covers.

TenCate is also involved in the Nicosil silage system: an efficient, safe and clean cover for your silage.

Visit the Nicosil System website of our exclusive partner

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