Fencing screen fabrics for sports


TenCate’s versatile fencing fabrics are primarily used as tennis court curtains. Fencing fabric is also ideal for use in privacy screening, crowd control fencing and visual barriers. TenCate Industrial Fabrics manufactures tennis windscreen fabrics in four distinct styles in six and nine foot widths (1.8 and 2.7m). Some styles are available 57” wide (1.45m):

  • Woven lathe-leno (open mesh) contains a leno lockstitch and is available in green, royal blue and black.
  • Woven lathe non-leno features green-colored fabric and is available in 72” and 108” widths (1.8 and 2.7m).
  • Woven closed mesh includes a plain weave available in green and black. It provides optimum windbreak and density.
  • Knitted comes dark green at 6’ and 9’ widths and can be installed without fabrication.

     The Difference TenCate Fencing Fabrics Make:

    • Attractive color adds aesthetic value
    • Durable fabrics hold up against all types of elements
    • Lightweight mesh fabric allows for convenient installation
    • Mildew and rot resistant to maintain lasting strength
    • Non-absorbent to protect against water damage
    • High tensile strength adds to product durability
    • UV resistant to block sun damage

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