Nicosil silage covers & nettings

Livestock farming

High quality cattle-fodder is the wish of every stock-farmer. Therefore only the best basic materials are used, the crops are harvested at the best moment and TenCate Nicosil silage protection nettings are used to protect the ensilage foil and the precious fodder. In this way birds and other animals have no chance to cause damage.

TenCate Nicosil silage protection nettings are used as protective cover on top of the ensilage foil. By using TenCate Nicosil sandbags all around, the ensilage can be closed air-tight. A sand cover is not necessary any more. TenCate Nicosil saves time and money and avoids special efforts in winter.

Because of the high quality the nettings will last at least 10 years. They are available in various dimensions.

A TenCate Nicosil silage protection netting can be identified by its name, that is inter-woven in the product. The netting is of a sound, long lasting quality. That makes all the difference.

TenCate Nicosil silage protection netting: When only the best is good enough!

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TenCate Nicosil Silage Covers

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