TenCate Industrial Fabrics develops a variety of  fabrics to control environmental conditions and protect valuable assets.

The Difference TenCate Horticultural Fabrics Make:

  • Manufactured in a variety of widths and lengths.
  • Fabrication to size possible.
  • Numerous level selections of shade, water permeability, wind flow possible.
  • Feature more stability than traditional shade fabrics.
  • Result in a higher overall production rate.
  • Protect crops, plants, soil and greenhouses from environmental conditions.

TenCate responds to industry needs by manufacturing a wide range of shade, ground and screen fabrics to increase your company’s performance. We continue to make cost effective horticultural fabrics that deliver results.

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Download our brochure for a comprehensive overview of our products.

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Most of our products can be custom made to meet your specific needs. Do you have a question regarding a product or solution? Please contact us using the form below.

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